The Doogee Mix looks a lot like Xiaomi's bezel-less phone

The brand has zero qualms about reusing its competitor's phone name either

Xiaomi gets a lot of flak for phones that get a lot of inspiration from Apple's iPhones. But Xiaomi's now ascended to the point where other brands are riffing off it: like Doogee, who's just made its own bezel-less phone and had the cojones to call it the Doogee Mix.

Very familiar

Doogee is just one of many aspiring Chinese phone manufacturers and while it hasn't gotten as much notice for its other phones, the bezel-less Doogee Mix is bound to get some notice.

Bezel-less screens are all the rage now and the Doogie Mix's 5.5in Full HD AMOLED screen looks very pretty in the pictures, though it's smaller than the Xiaomi's Mix which has a 6.4in display.

Internally, there's a Helio P25 processor, 4GB of RAM as well as 64GB of storage while a higher-end model packs in a Helio X30, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. What about the camera? It's another dual-cam system, pairing 16MP and 8MP cams while putting a 5MP sensor in front.

Price? Unknown and as Doogee doesn't have much of a reach beyond China, it's uncertain whether the Doogee Mix will ever be launched elsewhere. Still, there's always grey market imports if you don't mind the risk.

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[Source: The Verge]