Doodle your own drone with a 3D printing pen

YouTuber creates a quadcopter using the tool of the future
YouTuber "Questpact" shows how to draw a drone with a 3D printing pen

3D printing pens like the 3Doodler and the Lix Pen are entertaining toys – but you could never make anything practical with them, right?

Wrong. While most of us are content to sketch squiggles in the air, YouTuber "Questpact" has used a 3DAirPen printing pen to create a doodled drone – bringing together all of the big future technologies in one handy package.

The drone took around two and a half hours to build, using a template to create the basic layout and sketching in freehand with the 3D printer pen freehand to build up layers of material.

The mechanical parts, including the rotors, weren't created using the 3D printing pen; instead, they're off-the-shelf drone parts from an Eye One micro quadcopter. While the end result is – unsurprisingly – a little scrappier-looking than a professional kit, it seems to fly perfectly well, and is stable in the air.

We look forward to amassing our own army of 3D printed drones, just as soon as we've worked out how to produce more than an abstract swirl.

[sUAS News via Dvice]