Don't touch this Android, because it works even without it

Google’s rumoured to be hard at work in creating a voice-controlled device
Do not touch this Android, because it works without your touch

If you believe in hearsay, you’d probably know that Google might be working on some Android features that let you use your smart device without having to prod it every second. And by the looks of it, it'll do more than prevent fingerprint marks on your precious smartphone’s screen.

Apparently, the main purpose for Google to roll out a touch-less Android is to encourage safer driving, according to Android Police. But with functionality like this, we reckon it’ll be more than just drivers making use of it.

The technology will most likely feed off the voice-controlled search functionality currently available for Android (which can be found in the likes of the Motorola Moto X) and extend it to operate with Google’s Search app. 

What's so different to what's available?

Do not touch this Android, because it works without your touch

Its standout feature will be this – allowing you to speak a request even without having to unlock your screen or exit an app. Oh, and not forgetting to mention this will even work when the phone’s turned off, but charging.

You may also expect an “eyes-free” mode - where Google will read aloud search results in detail - as well as a feature that could automatically complete tasks for you. such as sending an email you composed earlier. But, it’s still unclear if Google waits for your confirmation to make the move or decides that on its own.

If the design mock-ups by Android Police are anything to go by, the interface will be minimalistic and simple – all there'll be to it is a black background with a red or blue circle indicating if Google’s waiting for your command or offering you answers.

We’re presuming, if these rumours are true, that Google will provide us with further insight into the specifics of this touch-less Android at its I/O developer event on 25 June.

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[Source: Business Insider]