Don’t expect to see Apple’s web TV service launched at WWDC

Looks like Apple's media dominance dream will have to wait a little longer

Bad news for all the Apple fans out there, the Apple TV service will not launch at next week’s Worldwide Developer Conference due to Apple’s failure to reach a content licensing agreement with some major video rights holders.

Apple's planned subscription TV service has been in the works for a long time, maybe even during Jobs' era but it has never been able to reach a suitable agreement with many TV rights holders. Last week, even CEO of CBS Les Moonves said that CBS will “probably” contribute content to Apple TV but the agreement has not been signed yet.

As rights holders have become more aggressive of late in asking for higher licensing fees from internet and cable companies, Apple in turn has had its own issues in reaching an agreement with them.

Part of the difficulty in the negotiations stems from paranoia regarding the technology used to deliver the videos, especially when it comes to content security issues. Apple has also stated that it would like to offer “skinny bundles” which are made up of movies, TV, live and local content. But those bundles will only be pipe dreams unless content providers start signing on the dotted line for Apple.

[source : Venturebeat]