Don't be surprised if Apple emails you with four words: upgrade your old iPhone

The Cupertino-based company might remind you to trade in your antiquated smartphone for an iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S
Apple may contact you for an iPhone upgrade

Apple has been making lots of changes to push new sales. It most recently bought over Beats for US$3.2 billion (RM20 billion) , and it’s not stopping there in its attempt to grab market share within the mobile space.

Well, maybe grabbing market share is an understatement, it’s more like barging into the mobile space. The electronics conglomerate is planning a massive iPhone push this week, by contacting customers eligible to upgrade to an iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S. And this is happening on a global scale.

But don’t get excited about getting a call from Apple. The company will be contacting customers via email (you’ll probably receive something generic) to inform them of the upgrade eligibility starting from 8 May.

Apple could also possibly bring up its global trade-in program, which enables customers to surrender their old smartphones and receive a discount on their new purchase.

Smart move?

Apple may contact you for an iPhone upgrade

The move to deplete its existing stock comes just weeks before its Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled for 2 June, where Apple may be launching new iPhones.

If you believe the latest rumors, Apple has two new devices in the works (an iPhone 6 featuring a 4.7in display, as well as an iPhone phablet with a 5.5in screen).

But we think the move might either be a hit or miss. If customers decide to wait a few more months to get their hands on the latest models, that could affect the sales of the current product range.

If you think you’re eligible for an upgrade, and want either of the two models, you'd better check your emails constantly.

[Source: CNET]

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