Donnie Yen to bring his martial arts magic to Sleeping Dogs movie

The studio behind the videogame may have closed down but the IP is live and kicking

Fans of the Sleeping Dogs videogame, rejoice. None other than martial arts superstar Donnie Yen is going to star in a film based on the title.

Hong Kong classic

United Front Games, who developed the game, has shuttered but Square Enix published the game thus keeping the game's IP still in play. Neal Moritz's Original Film will be co-producing the film with DJ2 Entertainment, with Donnie Yen the only name to be confirmed for the film so far.

Sleeping Dogs was in many ways a homage to Hong Kong triad films, with a plot basically inspired by the classic Hong Kong crime drama Infernal Affairs - protagonist Wei Shen is an undercover cop who infiltrated the triads in a bid to take them down.

With fist-fighting, street races, exellent voice acting from the likes of Edison Chen and Emma Stone, the game garnered a cult following but wasn't the big seller Square Enix had hoped for.

While the game got good reviews, Square Enix considered Sleeping Dogs a failure where sales was concerned. But who knows, if the film proves a success, perhaps the company might decide to get the game a sequel.

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[Source: Deadline]