Does your smartwrist doohickey tell you when to chill out? Because this one does

Life's not all about notifications and hashtags you know. Sometimes you've got to focus on your inner-self
Does your smartwrist doohickey tell you when to a chill out? Because this one do

It's official. There are now more smartbands than there are phones.Not quite, but even your grandma's probably launched a wearable on Kickstarter by now.

But stay a moment won't you? The Phyode W/Me (or 'With Me', to give it its less awkward name), is worth a look. It wants to be different you see.

It's dying its hair pink and getting a piercing?No. Instead, it focuses less on notifications (although it does support them) and more on you. Your breathing, to be exact.

The W/ME has a unique Life Spectrum Analyser sensor which is able to monitor your autonomic nervous system (ANS) without the need for conductive gel, thanks to a fancy new dry conductive material.

If it's been a while since you were stuck in a Biology lesson - the ANS is the part of your nervous system responsible for stuff that you don't have to actively think about. The beating of your heart is one example, and breathing is another, although you can choose to manually take over if you like.

Does your smartwrist doohickey tell you when to a chill out? Because this one do

Great, it knows when I'm out of breath. So what?While the W/ME, like other smartbands, can measure your heart rate, being able to detect your breathing opens up new possibilities. It can tell how stressed you are, if you're angry, nervous, or calm.

An accompanying app shows off this data using an animated (and rather adorable) whale, and advices you to take deep breaths and chill out when life's getting you down.

The app shows off realtime EKG readings, which means you can monitor the electrical activity of your heart at the touch of a button.

There's a coaching mode which helps you learn breathing techniques too, which could help you de-stress and relax, as long as you're committed enough to keep it up.

Does your smartwrist doohickey tell you when to a chill out? Because this one do

Please tell me it tells the time.It sure does. You can use it to check into Facebook too (as long as you're connected to an iOS or Android device), and it supports notifications, incoming calls and a remote shutter release for your iPhone's camera too.

It's also got a flashlight, and the ability to trigger an alarm on your phone so you can find it if you've lost it down the side of the couch, Again.

If you fancy taking the W/Me for a spin then you can grab one for US$169.99 (RM544, excluding shipping costs)