Do not get too cosy with Twitter Music, it might be tuning out soon

Multiple sources are pointing towards the demise of the social network’s music discovery service, reports All Things D
Do not get too cosy with Twitter Music, it might be tuning out soon

If you’ve been having a ball of a time getting new music recommendation via Twitter’s music recommendation service #Music, we're sorry to bring you some bad news. Sources are reporting the imminent demise of the music recommendation service due to poor download and engagement numbers.

The music discovery service, launched in April, was preceded by a huge amount of rumours and activity. Meant to stalk your music preferences through the people you follow on Twitter, #Music recommends more artistes and music genres for you to follow.

The service is not the newest kid on the block, what with long-time music streaming service Spotify having such a feature and a multitude of apps for head-bobbing audiophiles to discover more groovy tracks.

Unfortunately, #Music is facing stiff competition from not just Spotify but other similar services such as Deezer. On its own, Twitter #Music has failed to make recommendations akin to its competitors, which lets fans see what their favourite musicians listen to. Meanwhile, Twitter has adopted a failsafe approach, by integrating #Music playlists into Spotify and Rdio to boost the functionality of both music streaming services.

Chances are, you might not have really used #Music since it was launched, so it’s not much of a loss to you. Besides, there’s always Spotify and Deezer to plug your ears into, albeit at a monthly premium if you'd like to take the services mobile.

Source: All Things D via The Verge