Do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs* with the Millennium Falcon drone

*Okay, it can't do that but it’s too cool to pass up a chance to fly this ship

We have a love-hate relationship with Disney right now.

During its Star Wars: The Force Awakens global toy unboxing live stream, the unveiling of the Sphero BB-8 got us excited. Not to mention, the downsized droid, which you can control with your smartphone and send it on patrols, is already on sale.

And we thought that was the end of it. Until we saw this.



A Millennium Falcon drone. Yes, an official one, not that customised drone we’ve seen earlier this year. Still, kudos to the guy, who’s also made a TIE Interceptor drone too. For all we know, that might have inspired Disney to proceed with the official version.

The just-launched Millennium Falcon drone is essentially a quad-copter, surrounded by high-density foam shaped like the body of the freighter from the original trilogy. Manufactured by drone maker Air Hogs, the drone’s operating range stretches up to 200 feet, which translates to around 60m. You can imagine all the shenanigans you can get up to, provided you have a clear sight of where you’re flying the Falcon.

Another interesting, though perhaps not as exciting announcement, is an X-Wing drone. Other than the obvious difference in its shape, the X-Wing drone’s propellers are placed front and back. The bonus for the starfighter would be an astromech sitting within. Not just any astromech, it’s R2-D2, so you get the sense that you’re piloting Luke Skywalker’s unit that took down the first Death Star.

Pricing for both drones haven’t been confirmed yet, but more updates will come when it goes on sale within the next few hours.

[Image: Indigo Chapters]

[Source: Mashable]