A Phone-less Drone Flight with DJI's Smart Controller

A much more convenient approach... for a hefty price

Tired of hooking up your smartphone to your DJI drone's controller during a flight session? Especially if you require your phone for other things as you fly the drone around. DJI now offers a better solution with the new Smart Controller which was announced during CES 2019.

The Smart Controller has its own 5.5-inch screen which displays real-time visuals transmitted from your drone in 1080p. It's running on Android and supports DJI Go 4, DJI Pilot, and other third-party apps. Its battery could last at 2.5 hours when in use, and the controller itself is compatible with newer DJI drones that are currently available such as the Mavic 2 family.

The only drawback is that the Smart Controller is priced at $650 (around MYR 2670), which is as much as buying a brand new Mavic 2. Regardless, the device is available now and DJI has plans for a bundle release of the controller along with either a Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom in the near future.