DJI and Hasselblad join forces to build 100MP camera drone

Super high resolution photos and videos shot from the sky

What happens you mash together a DJI drone with one of Hasselblad’s medium format cameras? An incredibly overpowered 100MP camera drone, of course.

Or what the two companies call, "the world’s first 100-Megapixel integrated aerial photography platform."

Did I just read that right, 100MP?

For reasons we’ll never know, they’ve managed to hook up a Hasselbad H6D-100c medium format camera onto a DJI M600 Pro drone with a Ronin MX gimbal for stabilisation. It’s something you can’t make up a year ago - a flying medium format 100MP camera drone.

This shouldn’t catch any of us by surprise - DJI acquired a majority stake in the Swedish camera maker earlier this year and the two have been working together, like the Hasselblad X1D that squeezed medium format into a tiny body. 


Where would you need a 100MP camera drone anyway?

High end landscape and fine art photography, in addition to robust data for surveying and mapmaking, says the press release. The H6D-100c shoots high resolution stills and UHD video on its 100MP 53.4mm x 40mm sensor, resulting in incredibly detailed shots even under bad lighting conditions. 

This would probably cost more than a car

Let’s break down the prices: its US$4999 (RM21770 approx) for the DJI M600 Pro, US$1599 (RM6960 approx) for the Ronin MX gimbal and about US$32999 (RM143700 approx) for the Hasselbad H6D-100c.

Adding the numbers together, this super drone should cost around US$40000 (RM174200 approx). That amount should score you a decent ride if you’re not looking for a super drone anytime soon. But if you do want one, it’s flying over on the third quarter this year.