DIY your own gold Apple Watch

Why settle for someone else blinging your watch when you can?

Of course someone would offer a kit to gold plate your Apple Watch. Calling it the Midas Touch though, is pretty smart.

Chemist Eric Knoll provides not just a step-by-step guide but also the materials to add 24K gold plating, with prices starting from a mere US$100. Throw in another US$50 if you want a stainless steel band.

Best bit? When the gold fades, which it will do, eventually, you can touch it up yourself. No visit to the jeweller's necessary and no fear of being snubbed by Apple Store employees. You can only use the kit for the stainless steel watches but an alumnium sports model is also in the works.

You can still grab a kit of your own at Kickstarter, the campaign already fully-funded. This will probably help assuage some of the gold Apple Watch envy while not breaking the bank.

[Source: 9to5Mac