DIY waterproofing your Samsung Galaxy S6, just because you can

Galaxy S6 owner took things literally into his own hands

Don’t you find it annoying that the S5 is (somewhat) water-resistant but the S6 isn’t? Now worry no more, there is an awesome video on Youtube that teaches you how to waterproof your S6 in the comfort of your own home, but at your own risk of course. The guys behind PeripateticPandas' Youtube page came up with a video showing viewers how to waterproof their Galaxy S6 by submerging the phone and sandwiching it in a bowl of silicone gel.

Don’t worry, the layer of silicone on the screen is thin enough that your touchscreen will still be able to function, but with the layer of silicone, you won’t be able to use your headphone and chargerports so you will have to use the wireless charging function instead. Not only that but with that amount of silicone on your phone, you can say goodbye to taking pictures too. So if you feel that youlove your phone enough (or not enough) to sacrifice these functions, then go ahead, whatever floats your boat, or your phone, for that matter.

[Source: TNW]