DIY modular smart speakers with SparkBlocks

A new-ish way to assemble your speaker system

Nowadays It is easy to come across “modular” stuff like modular phones or modular controllers but have you heard of a modular speaker? There is SparkBlocks, an audio system that you can DIY and make it as simple or complicated you want it to be.

There will be a basic unit which is a speaker unit and a 4 hour battery but you can attach multiple parts onto it to make it more complicated. You can turn your SparkBlocks into a smart speaker by hooking it up to a SmartBlook and there are also other addons that makes it into a phone charger, boost audio quality, a bike clip for the outdoorsy types or even turn it into your torchlight, lamp.

Currently on Kickstarter, it's a little on the pricey side. You will need to get the core block which is priced at around US$89-119 and then if you want a full kit that gives you Bluetooth functions, extra batteries, and etc, you may need to spend up to US$199 or more. You can even burn up to US$1,300 just to create your very own 5.1 channel surround sound unit.

The tech is planned to ship in April 2016.

[source : Engadget]