The Division Open beta coming for everyone - with new content for returning players

Extra story mission and in-game rewards when the full game lands

Miss out on The Division's closed beta two weeks ago? Don't worry, there's a second chance coming soon - with extra content for anyone that did manage to get in.

Ubisoft just confirmed it would be throwing open the doors and letting everyone play an open beta ahead of the game's launch in March, no invite or code required. 

You'll be able to pre-load the beta on the 16th of February, with Xbox One players getting in on the action 24 hours early on the 18th. PC and PS4 gamers can then jump in on the 19th, with the beta staying open until the 21st.

That only gives Ubisoft a few weeks to make any changes before the 8th of March release date, but hopefully it will be enough time to add more server capacity if the beta struggles under the strain of too many players trying to explore a virus-hit New York at once.

The new Factions trailer, released to coincide with the beta announcement, paints a dark picture of the people you'll be coming up against when the Division arrives.

Plenty of these characters will be on show in the new beta, and there's a few good reasons to play again if you were lucky enough to get into the original closed beta. In addition to the content included in that version, the open beta will add an all-new story mission.

Everyone that logs into the latest round of testing will also unlock a special in-game item, which will be available to use when the full game is released.

If you want more info on how to download the beta, make sure to hit up Ubisoft's website.