Ditto is a back-to-basics wearable that is cheap and simple

For US$29, it is your personal vibrating notifications device that doesn't do much else
Ditto is a back-to-basics wearable that is cheap and simple

Bob Olodort was tired of Samsung bloating up his designs and started his own company Simple Matters. Now his little device, Ditto, is geared to be a model of elegant minimalism.

What is it? It’s an 8-gram pod with Bluetooth connectivity, housing a vibrating motor. There are no lights, not even a tiny display. It is only US$29 (RM97), by the way.

Simply less annoying

Ditto is a back-to-basics wearable that is cheap and simple

What it does is this: it vibrates. It only does that when there is something important. An email. A phone call. You can even set different vibration patterns the way you set customised ringtones.

It will even warn you if you forgot your phone thanks to its proximity system that can tell if you’re moving too far away from your phone. The Ditto can also survive being left in your pocket during a wash as it is completely waterproof. Don’t worry about the battery either; it uses a standard watch battery that can last from four to six months.

It also comes with a wristband so you could wear it to the pool or to bed and get subtle notifications without having to deal with annoying phone calls, beeps or alarms. You could also clip it to your clothing or remove the clip and instead just slip it into a pocket. It also comes in three colour choices: black, white and clear plastic.

Though the Ditto is on Kickstarter, it is only halfway to its US$100,000 goal with just nine days to go. Olodort doesn’t mind. He says it’s just for the publicity. Sadly the Ditto only ships to the US and Canada, but who knows? It just might make its way here someday.

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[Source: Venturebeat]