Disney's Fox Acquisition To Close On 20 March

Disney’s Kingdom continues to grow and reign supreme with this merger

Looks like the mouse will soon take over the fox. Disney has announced that their acquisition of 21st Century Fox is about to close on March 20 2019. 

The deal is “expected to become effective at 12:02 a.m. Eastern Time on March 20, 2019,” which means that it has obtained the final approval needed, specifically from regulators in Mexico. Disney had initially agreed to acquire Fox for $52.4 billion, before a counter-offer from Comcast prompted it to increase its bid to $71.3 billion. 

The acquisition will see Disney buying Fox’s film and television studios, giving it control on the James Cameron's “Avatar” franchise and the film rights to a number of Marvel characters that includes the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Deadpool. The merger will also allow Disney to double its stake in Hulu, from their initial 30 to 60 percent. 

There's some major downsides in bringing the mouse and fox together, as the merger is expected to lead to more than 4,000 layoffs. Meanwhile, Fox News, the Fox broadcast network and other assets that Disney is not buying, are being spun out into a new entity called Fox Corporation.