Digitise your writing straight to a tablet with LiveScribe 3

The pen and paper is still mightier than the stylus and tablet. At least, that's what LiveScribe 3 proves to be for the old-fogeys who prefer analogue writing and want the neatness of digital penmanship
Digitise your writing straight to a tablet with LiveScribe 3

The touch of a pen and that paper crease. Writing on a tablet just doesn’t feel as good as the real thing. Sorry, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but some of us still prefer the pre-digital age of pen and paper.

This is where the LiveScribe 3 blends the best of both worlds. Combining low- and high-tech together, this neat little package intelligently recognises and digitises whatever you write with an actual pen and paper. Well, not just any paper. You'll need the LiveScribe notebook, which works in tandem with the LiveScribe+ iOS app, to transcribe everything you've written into your iOS device.

Think your scrawls aren't too ‘pretty’? Fret not, the app has a built-in handwriting recognition system that’ll convert your handwritten notes to typed ones. That is, if your handwriting is nowhere near a completely abstract doctor-type penmanship.

The best part is, the app will automatically hyperlink any handwritten addresses or dates to your phone's map or calendar apps. That’s not all; this multi-tasker can also record voice notes while you’re taking down written ones, so you can have a voice reference to specific notes you’ve taken.

At US$150 (RM470) a pop, it is a tad pricey, but who can really put a price on the analogue pleasure of paper and pen?

[Source: Gizmodo]