Own A Digital Dress To Show Off Online

It doesn’t take up any of your closet space but it will cost you about MYR 40,000

Ever wished that you could have infinite closet space for your clothes? Well, now you can buy clothes that exist solely online.


Dutch startup The Fabricant, Dapper Labs and artist Johanna Jaskowsak recently sold a digital dress named Iridescence for approx MYR 40,000 on the blockchain. Unlike buying a costume in Fortnite (or any other videogame) the creators will “tailor” it for you based on a photo. Because it is built on the blockchain, the dress is unique and holds value similar to cryptocurrency.

It sounds crazy, and to some extent it is. The illusion falls apart when you wish to see it physically as the dress only exists in a digital space. However, because it is based on 2D patterns of conventional clothes, you could potentially create a real-life equivalent. But one would consider the wisdom of spending that much money (enough to buy a compact car!) on something so intangible.


In a world where virtual models on youtube and on Instagram are a thing (with major sponsorship deals), it wouldn’t be too far fetched to make virtual designer clothes and have people interested in buying them.