Digi’s new Best Prepaid with free internet and IDD credit

Digi wants to make it cheaper for you prepaid users

Digi has just unveiled a new and improved Best Prepaid plan that features low call rates, low IDD call rates, and the same high speed internet with low rates. In conjunction withthe new plan release, the telco is also having a promotion for every reload you make to your prepaid SIM, you get free high speed internet as well as free IDD credit.

A Digi Best Prepaid starter pack will just set you back RM8, and it comes preloaded with RM5 airtime, valid for 30 days. Unfortunately, the plan does not come with free basic internet so you will need to purchase a prepaid mobie internet add-onn fo RM1/day or surf at a pay-per-use rate of 5sen/MB, capped at a maximum charge of RM3/day.

The good thing about the plan is that it only costs 5sen/30 seconds to call 10 Kawan (registered users you call frequently), and you can get an additional 10 more slots for your Kawans when you activate before 30 November 2015.

Aside from the new Best Prepaid plan, Digi is also offering a new promotion for all its prepaid users. Every reload you do gets you up to 1.2GB of 4G LTE internet  and up to RM12 of credit for IDD calls.

[source : Lowyat]