Digi's iPhone promotion lets you buy an iPhone cheaper

iPhone SE 64GB going for RM1106

Keep putting off getting an iPhone or upgrading your current one? Digi is offering a special deal to its subscribers until Aug 31. Sign up for a new 24-month contact and you can get the iPhone SE 64GB for as low as RM1106.

Digi subscribers with enough tenure will not have to pay advance payment and only pay device price. Unfortunately there is only one plan option at the moment, the Digi 148 with two variations. One gives you unlimited calls and texts with 10GB of data, while the other gives you more data with 500 minutes and 500 texts.

Models on offer are the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone SE. Best deal so far seems to be the iPhone SE 64GB for only RM1106. We wouldn't recommend getting any of the 16GB models as due to the lack of storage expandibility, you will soon find yourself running out of space.

Digi also promises that you won't get slapped with a penalty for early contract termination. We're guessing Digi is trying to clear off as much of its iPhone stock before the new batch of iPhones come around, so anyone who doesn't need the latest and greatest iPhone might get a satisfactory deal here.

If you're still on contract with Digi however, you will have to pay a penalty, which will be added on to your next phone bill.

You can try and get yourself an iPhone by visiting the promo site.