DiGiGrid Q amp pushes your headphones to new heights

This tiny desktop amp is designed for audiophiles and cable-cutters alike

What’s this box of delights, then?

Like to bless your ears with high quality sound? Like to keep that sound to yourself? Then you’re in the market for a headphone amplifier, and they don’t come much tidier than the new DiGiGrid Q.

It’s a dinky little thing. Surely it can’t be all that powerful?

It’s only 9cm square, yes – but looks can be deceiving. It’s been designed, according to the makers, to drive headphones “at serious volume”, so if you’ve been disappointed with the ear goggle output from your laptop, smartphone, tablet, games console or other audio device, it’s ready to step in like a blue cuboid middle-man to boost the power.

So what can I connect to it?

As you’d expect from a product aimed at sound enthusiasts, there’s an impressive array of connections on board: pro-grade XLR for the true sonic purists, Ethernet for SoundGrid networking, standard 3.5mm and 1/4in analogue (we suspect 90 percent of users will opt for one of those) and finally Bluetooth.


Yes, this is one piece of audiophile gear that isn’t scared of pleasing wire-haters (and Apple iPhone 7 owners). You can connect your Bluetooth source wirelessly, then hook up a pair of wired headphones to the Q. It’s a best of both worlds solution to a first-world problem.

The DiGiGrid Q is available now, priced at around £350 (RM1770).