Digi upgrades postpaid plans with more data, cheaper roaming

For first time Digi will rollover data to following month

Digi just launched its new postpaid plans today, offering increased data quotas as well as two new roaming options.

For the first time, Digi is allowing customers to rollover unused data to the following month, subject to a quota imposed and depending on plans.

As for roaming, Digi offers two options: an RM10 daily plan that allows unlimited WhatsApp and WeChat messaging and an RM36 daily plan that will allow unlimited data access while you're using an overseas network.

Another change is that Digi's supplementary plans will now have the flexibility of choice - they can now take up any of the new postpaid plans instead of being restricted to designated supplementary plans.

Starting from today as well, the MyDigi app will be updated to reflect the data rollover. There is also a special promotion on three specific plans, valid until 30 June that will offer a large discount on plans as well as a huge data bump. The discount will not apply to device-bundled plans.