Digi reveals iPhone SE postpaid plans

Telco will have phones available by 13 May

Digi has just put up the prices of the iPhone SE for its postpaid plans and will make it available for the Digi Postpaid 48, 68, 98, 148, 238 as well as via easy payment plans with accepted credit cards.

As always, the cheaper the plan, the more expensive the phone. The Postpaid 48 has the iPhone SE at RM1665 and RM2090 for the 16GB and 64GB respectively. For the 68, it's RM1209 and RM1634 while the Postpaid 98 has the phone for RM993 and RM1418.

For the Postpaid 148, you can get the phone for RM681 and RM1,106 but you can get the phone for free or for RM482 if you choose the digi Postpaid 238 plan. As for easy payment, it's RM70 a month for the 16GB and RM88 for the 64GB.

As for contracts, it's 12 months for the Postpaid 48 plan and 24 months for the others. Expect to see the phones being sold online via Digi's shop by tomorrow.

[Source: Digi]