DiGi opens first MyAndroid Hub

Getting more users to embrace the 'droid
DiGi MyAndroid Hub

Getting someone hooked is sometimes as simple as letting him have a shot at (or of) something — which was DiGi's goal in launching its first MyAndroid Hub in Sunway Pyramid this week in support of the ever popular mobile OS.

A taste of Android

Claiming to be the first of its kind, the hub will provide support for all things Android on top of letting prospective users fiddle with the latest Android gadgets and apps in the hopes of them getting a data plan and perhaps a phone along with it.

For the curious and those in need of services, DiGi's Geek Bar (manned by the aptly named Geek Squad) will cater for all of the above as best they can, even devices that aren't attached to a DiGi plan.

DiGi has also mentioned that they plan to open another six stores in the future and they have an online version of the myAndroid experience at their homepage.