DiGi back online after long, unexpected outage

Short circuit caused DiGi to shut down its servers at 6.27pm yesterday

DiGi had better find those hamsters that power their network soon, or there's going to be more unhappy DiGi customers.

As of 6.27pm last night, DiGi customers suddenly found themselves cut off from most services after a short circuit prompted the telco to cut off power to its servers.

DiGi's Facebook page had this message for customers:

"#‎DigiUpdate‬: At 6.27pm today (10/11/15), we experienced a short circuit in our power system. We proactively shut down power supply to our servers to ensure safety and subsequently took measured steps to progressively restore services for our customers. As of 7.15pm, we started recovering all services and expect full recovery by 9.30pm today. We apologise for the inconvenience caused."

The telco's webpage was down for all of last night but is currently working as of press time.

Right now, the latest Facebook update says services have resumed but a cursory look on DiGi's Facebook page reveals a few customers are still facing service issues.

Rectification work is still ongoing, apparently, as mentioned by a customer service rep on the page. Meanwhile, take some time to smell the roses and take a break from the internet. All will be well again very soon (we hope).