Devs get first peek at Apple's Yosemite with iTunes 12

More aesthetic than functional changes, though you have to squint a little more to see them
Devs get first peek at Apple's Yosemite with iTunes 12

Today Apple has shipped out an update for its upcoming OS X Yosemite to developers that comes with a revamped iTunes 12. Previous previews rolled out various tweaks and enhancements and this Preview 4 will likely do the same.

The new OS is supposed to include sizable changes to the user-interface similar to iOS, tweaked Calendar, Mail and Safari apps as well as new Continuity and Handoff apps for seamless integration with iOS mobile devices.

Not much of a transition

Devs get first peek at Apple's Yosemite with iTunes 12

From various screenshots released so far, the new OS X Yosemite generally seems to be more of an aesthetic overhaul than a functional overhaul. Here, some subtle button swaps to the Calculator app. There, some new colour and font in the Settings page.

The icons in the taskbar are now flattened, without false contours or shadows. The OS font is now a Helvetica variant that should be easier to read. There are some small improvements as well to existing apps, like being able to dial out of FaceTime easier.

One of the most anticipated updates the new OS X should bring is the retuned iTunes, which will roll out with Family Sharing, allowing you to relax Apple DRM for some select members in your life. The new design is also slightly cleaner than iTunes 11.3 though they’re largely similar.

So far, Apple appears to be taking a smaller and more measured step with this update which is perfectly fine. It's much preferred over radical overhauls that end up overcomplicating simple media playing and library navigation.

The overall impression is that it looks good and it shouldn’t be a dramatic transition for Apple users when the update drops in the later part of this year. The public could still sign up for the Yosemite beta and see these changes themselves before its official release.

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