Designer creates helmet to help you hear your brain

A motorcycle helmet to help you meditate? Brings a new meaning to chilling out
Designer creates helmet to help you hear your brain

Designer Aiste Noreikaite from Lithuania figured out a novel way to help people achieve mindfulness was a helmet. Noreikaite is an interesting soul - she's a pianist with a diploma in sound arts and design and her 'Experience Helmet' has been exhibited at an arts festival as well as the Hotel Elephant gallery in London.

Just how does this work? The helmet registers your brain waves via an EEG sensor and then converts them into sound. The purpose? To "enhance self-awareness because all you hear is yourself".

This is the music of your brain

Designer creates helmet to help you hear your brain

Noreikaite claims that the signals from the brain could be used to "shape pure sine waves and reflect the person’s mental state with sound." Think of it as getting up and close with the soundtrack of your brain. The sounds you get are 10Hz binaural beats, purportedly to enhance alpha brainwave patterns "for the best internal feeling & sensations".

This is more a creative experiment with no plans to commercialise it. Despite it looking for all purposes like a motorcycle helmet, the idea here is to wear it while getting into a meditative state - your very own personal meditation helmet. To be honest, you wonder if just playing binaural music wouldn't just achieve the end results with noise-cancelling headphones. And yes, there are plenty of apps for that if you check out the App Store and Google Play.

Still it would be interesting to see an app that could detect your current state of mind that would play music to help you either refocus or act as an alert - think loud, jarring music that warns you that your blood pressure is going up and that perhaps you should avoid reading the headlines today.

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