The “Denny” is the super-bike of the future

It’s even won a competition for being the ultimate urban utility bike
The “Denny” is the super-bike of the future

What’s so great about this bicycle? It looks just like any other…It’s not all about looks for this one. The “Denny” has a few features that makes it stand out against a plethora of bikes. For one, it has a handlebar that doubles up as a lock. Some of its other features also include storage space (very handy for the girls), an electric motor that you can remove if you don’t want it, and an automatic gear shifting and clever lighting system.

And by that, we mean it has integrated brake lights and turn signals, in addition to having lights that switch on automatically when it’s dark.

It’s just a bike someone decided to mod…Well, someone did decide to mod it but it was for the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project competition. Five teams went head to head against each other to create an ultimate urban utility bike, and the “Denny” triumphed.

Seattle based design consultancy, Teague, was behind this idea and was picked based on popularity. It apparently has the “potential to reshape urban mobility itself”.

The “Denny” is the super-bike of the future
The “Denny” is the super-bike of the future

I’ve never heard of Teague…Shame on you. Teague’s the mastermind behind the interiors of Boeing jetliners, as well as custom bike builder Sizemore.

Okay, you got to me. How can I get the “Denny”?Now we’re talking – Teague will be inking a partnership with Fuji Bikes to turn this idea into mass-produced, real bikes. It’s said that there’ll be at least 1000 “Denny” bicycles made to go on sale sometime next year. That’s a small number, but if it gains popularity, you never know, there might be more units to substantiate demand. 

The “Denny” is the super-bike of the future

How much do I have to fork out for it?We’re in the dark just as you are for now. The retail price of the bike is yet to be disclosed but that’s not stopping it from garnering a following. Some Vimeo users have expressed “desperate” interest in it after watching just the promo video for the bike last week.

Has it impressed you yet?


[Source: Huffington Post, images: Teague]