Dell's latest XPS 15 gets impressive specs, including a 4K screen

If you want the best specs in a sleek body, the latest Dell might be it

Dell's XPS line is pretty popular for combining high-end specs with great portability. Its 15in XPS was due for an upgrade and leaked specs show it might be worth the wait.

4K clarity

The exact model name seems to be the XPS 9560 and the specs briefly appeared on Dell's website before the listing was taken down. It will apparently featured a 4K screen as well as the latest quad-core Intel Kaby Lake processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics.

As for the exact processor, three were listed: a dual-core i3-7100HQ, quad-core i5-7300HQ and the quad-core i7-7700HQ. The GTX 1050 will be of particular interest, with its 4GB of GDDR5 memory it'll be a sweet upgrade to the current GTX 960M on the current XPS 15.

The body of the device won't change, likely remaining at the current 1.8kg and 17mm thickness of the latest XPS 15. So the resolution will either be an IPS FHD at 1920x1080 or an option for an IGZO UHD display of 3840x2160 resolution.

Also expect Type-C, the usual USB 2.0 headers, HDMI output, 720p webcam as well as an SD card reader. Optional is a fingerprint reader.

How much will it cost? Probably around the same price the current range goes for: from US$999 (RM4475) to around US$2500 (RM11200). Don't forget to check out our list of Top 10 notebooks.

[Source: Anandtech]