Dell starts offering Windows 10 machine preorders in US

A strategic partnership with Microsoft, perhaps?

If you've been contemplating a new machine but don't fancy one running Windows 8, then Dell is beginning to offer preorders for Windows 10 machines but only in the US so far.

The selected Windows 10 models will ship on the same day of the Windows 10 launch, which is July 29. According to Dell's official blog, the company has been working closely with Microsoft to further optimise their machines for the new operating system. This includes optimising its Infinity Edge screens to be used with Microsoft Continuum.

As to which selected models are prepped for shipping with Windows 10, the selection is a bit limited. There are four Inspiron laptop models, two Inspiron desktops and one XPS desktop. It's a bit surprising that Dell didn't include any of its higher-end XPS desktop in the preorder, but who knows if that might change as the Windows 10 launch nears.

[Source: Digitaltrends]