Deezer's new update helps you discover new music

Leave it to the music streaming service to know your tastes and dabble in an all-new Mac app
Deezer's new update helps you discover new music

Not to sure what to listen to? Music streaming service Deezer has the answer to that.

Its new feature, dubbed “Hear This”, provides relevant music recommendations for users through a combination of algorithms and user patterns.

Algorithms? User pattern? If none of that made sense, here's the simplified explanation: Deezer analyses its users listening habits and combines them with recommendations from its worldwide editorial team. Music recommendations will vary from country to country as Deezer has editorial teams spread throughout different regions to give each country its own local flavour.

A new desktop app for Macs was also launched alongside the Hear This feature. The new app allows users to sync their iTunes music collections with the streaming service’s wider catalogue. This will then enable the users to access the music across different devices including their tablets and smartphones.

Deezer currently has 5 million paid subscribers, 12 million monthly active users, and 30 million tracks in their database. And with a total of 25 global telco partnerships, they’re looking to build their numbers even more aggressively in the months to come.

Spotify, you might want to watch your back.