Deezer will soon integrate talk and entertainment into its streaming service

More channels will be included to Deezer following its acquisition of Stitcher
Deezer will soon integrate talk and entertainment into its streaming experience

Deezer’s been slowly but surely growing not only its user base but also, its music offerings globally. And soon, the music streaming service provider will add talk and entertainment to its core offerings as a result of its acquisition of on-demand talk radio service, Stitcher.

Deezer will also continue to support Stitcher’s mobile products, including its podcast app on Android and iOS.

Stitcher currently carries eight out of the top 10 US terrestrial radio shows and features content from over 12,000 global content providers, including NPR, BBC, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, This American Life, and CBS Radio News, amongst others. These channels are what will be included into Deezer’s portfolio.

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But how does this change anything for Deezer? For one, it shows Deezer’s aim to diversify and provide entertainment beyond its core service - music. It also shows its evolution from being a music-only service to becoming a global on-demand audio provider.

In addition, Deezer will expand its distribution into the automotive entertainment market, since Stitcher is already enabled in more than 50 models, including BMW, Ford, General Motors, Jaguar and Mazda vehicles and was an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto launch partner.

“Our ambition with Stitcher is to deliver the very best talk streaming solutions to our global audience of 16 million users, in the same way that we are doing with music,” Deezer said in a statement.

Stitcher will be integrated into the Deezer portfolio globally with effect from next year.

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