Data-saving YouTube Go starts rolling out in Asia

Think of it as a lite version of the video platform

YouTube Go was previously a beta app in India but has now expanded to other Asian countries.

Smaller appetite, bigger data savings

The app was primarily created to help people enjoy YouTube in areas where mobile data conservation is particularly important. It kicked off in India and has since gone live in Nigeria and Indonesia. Google also confirmed that it will be expanding to Malaysia next as well as the following countries: Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

What can you do with the app? Send videos to friends via Bluetooth as well as tweak your viewing options for better data usage - for example, choosing to watch videos in lower quality to save the most data.

Understandably, this is not an app for people who want the best viewing experience, but for people with limited data quotas, it's something to consider.

While the app will likely start rolling out officially elsewhere, you can try an early access version here.