Darth Vader takes his first selfie for Star Wars Instagram account

Be awed by the Sith Lord’s selfie, and check out other historic moments from the Star Wars universe via its official Instagram account

Even Darth Vader can’t resist a selfie after a raid on a Rebel ship. And the best place to post it - the official Instagram account for Star Wars.

Quite apt, given that selfie is the official word of the year, and it has spawned a string of narcissistic Instagram accounts since it was launched. The Sith Lord’s selfie has received over 10,000 likes, with some astute users noticing that an iPhone was used to take the selfie and linking it to the Dark Side.

With Star Wars: Episode VII hitting theatres on 18th December 2015, expect more Star Wars related photos on the Disney-owned Star Wars Instagram account over the next two years. We’ve already spotted historic moments such as a still shot of the first lightsaber duel between father and son duo Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (oh, was that a spoiler for you?) and concept model of the Galactic Empire’s Star Destroyer.

Stalk this Instagram account, cross your fingers and hope for some behind-the-scene shots from the new Star Wars movie.

Image credit: Disney

Source: Star Wars Instagram via The Verge