Dart is a Mac app that promises to save you from "stupid email"

You can stop making excuses about replying late to emails as Dart simplifies the process

A new email app for the Mac promises that it can save you from the tedium of replying to emails. "91 per cent of people we surveyed said that they put off replying to an email because the response would take too much time," says the app's creators on the website. Dart promises to make replies so quick and easy, you can spend your time procrastinating about taking out the trash instead.


Inbox Zero, here we come

How does Dart work exactly? Well, it helps you by setting predefined answers or, we can just call them template answers. That means you can just click a button to reply via searching out the app on the menu bar. It isn't an email client on its own - instead it syncs well with other existing email clients, but simplifies the process so there's no lengthy waits to send off quick replies.

You can also switch to the app's regular mode that sets a 200 character limit. It's a smart thing to do, honestly, because no one wants to read super-long and tedious emails.

Feeling the need to free yourself from tyranny of email? You can download the Mac app or wait for the  iOS and Android versions soon to come.

[Source: PSFK]