Darkroom might be the closest you'll get to Lightroom on your iPhone

Darkroom is free but only charges for its Levels feature

Yet another photo editing app in the App Store. Is it worth the download? Perhaps. The Darkroom - Photo Editor (as it's listed since there's another app also called Darkroom) comes with 12 premium filters and the ability to create your own.

But couldn't you just use Instagram for that? Well, Darkroom also offers infinite history allowing you to go back a few edits just in case you made a mistake or you let Junior near the iPhone again.


Maybe US$3 isn't a bad idea

Apart from the filters and history, the app also lets you easily save your photos to squares - perfect for Instagram pics.

Still, the full functionality of the app is only really unlocked when you pay US$2.99 for the Curves feature. This allows you to mess with the RGB levels of the picture and tweak blacks, whites, shadows, midtones and highlights to great effect.

What is neat about the Curves feature is how easy it is to use on the iPhone, a tap, press and tweak and colour levels are so easily adjustable you understand why people want touch Macs.

Download it from the App Store for free.

[Source: Thenextweb]