Damson S-Series promises big audio dynamite from tiny wireless speakers

First batch features a soundbar, subwoofer and cube-shaped portable sound boxes

The world isn’t exactly short on wireless speakers, is it?

True dat. The market for cable-free portable speakers is more saturated than a sponge at bath-time. But variety is the spice of life, and choice is good, right?

Right. So you’re about to show me another one then?

I am. It’s from Damson Audio and it’s actually a range – think portable speakers, as well as a “proper” home system to bolster your TV’s sonic booms. Without taking over your living room, thanks to their dinky size.

Explain, please.

Gladly. There are three distinct products in Damson’s range: the S-Bar soundbar and S-Woofer subwoofer, which come as a package and are designed to be the heart of your system at home; and the S-Cube, which is a dinky portable speaker you can use on its own (including taking it out and about, because it’s battery-powered) or as part of a wireless multi-speaker system.

So, the S-Bar and S-Woofer can connect to multiple S-Cubes?

Exactly. Damson says up to eight speakers can be hooked up in a single system, all wirelessly. You can play the same audio through all speakers simultaneously (aka “party mode”), or use them separately and individually.

Let’s get spec-sy…

Each S-Cube has five drivers and an integrated subwoofer offering a combined output of 18W, plus a USB Type-C port for charging (and eight hours of battery life per charge). Wireless audio comes via Bluetooth, and there’s NFC for easy pairing.

The S-Bar/S-Woofer combo also features Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a host of physical connections: HDMI, coaxial and aux in. The total power output is a beefy 58W. Damson says the S-Series doesn’t require any apps to use or control, and will work with services like Spotify and Apple Music – but we think that just means “it has Bluetooth audio”.

We've heard them in action, and they certainly pump out sound at an impressive volume. Even without the final EQ tweaks (which Damson say are being done right now in the run up to launch), audio quality is pretty tasty, too.

Sounds good. When’s it out?

Shipping begins in December 2016, but you can “pre-purchase” the S-Series via the firm’s Indiegogo campaign.