D4 is the game that makes you want an Xbox One

During Tokyo Game Show, Dark Dreams Don’t Die is the Xbox One exclusive title that showcases the true prowess of Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor
D4 is the game that makes you want an Xbox One

Microsoft might want to say a thank you card to Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro when Dark Dreams Don’t Die, or D4, is launched exclusively for the Xbox One.

The murder mystery game, which was showcased at the annual Tokyo Game Show, builds a strong case for Microsoft’s next generation console. To be exact, it’s the new Kinect sensor that shines when it was demonstrated during a closed-door session.

Sensing your way around

D4 action

D4 utilises a slew of updates Microsoft has introduced in the Xbox One’s new Kinect sensor. During the demo, the player’s actions are still detectable even when he is seated. Interactions are more in-depth - clench your fist to touch an object, use two fingers to move the character and place the fingers on the head’s temples to trigger a vision mode that reveals clues for objects.

Voice command is integrated into the game, allowing you to dictate your conversation choices. Surprisingly, the Kinect sensor was able to understand the player’s command which came with a hint of Japanese accent.

The game’s action sequence puts you in the thick of the action. During a fistfight, the game prompts the player to move their left or right (and at times, both) hand accordingly. This evolves further, such as an instruction to put your right hand up and push it forward as though you are fending off the enemy. By the end of the demo, we also saw the player adopting a batting pose and swinging forward to deflect an object, and placing his hand in front of his mouth and shouting to daze his foe with a speakerphone.

Drama and comedy, delivered in episodes

D4 story

From our early impressions of its story, D4 took a few cues from Christopher Nolan’s Memento, which sets the character on a journey to find his wife’s killer. Diving, which occurs when the character picks up an item that Swery terms memento, reminds one of Inception, except the dive puts the player back in time to the memento.

Like Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, D4 is an episodic game, and Swery stated that each episode holds up to two hours of gameplay. Though the game’s cel-shaded animation, colourful characters and snappy dialogue adds a comedic tone to the storyline, Swery said that the end of each episode has a climax scene which might bring a tear to your eyes as the character unravels the mystery behind his dead wife’s “D” message.

Swery was unable to confirm how many episodes are in the works, or when the game will be available for the Xbox One.

But one thing’s for sure, it’s time to break the piggy bank, and lift some weights to get your arms in shape before you play D4.