The Cyclotron lets you live out your Tron dreams

This is the kind of bike androids probably dream about

So, it's another Kickstarter bicycle

Well, yes. But it's really cool.

Is there a Kickstarter bicycle that isn't?

Look, this is almost the bicycle from Tron. Without all the neon bits and a Daft Punk soundtrack. Though you could fix the latter yourself.

Right, so what's cool about this one?

Just look at it. It has spokeless wheels. It's like one of those fancy Dyson fans, but on a bike.

Besides being spokeless, what else is special about the wheels?

They even have utility slots so you can carry things in them, but still look cool

Cool wheels. What else?

Well, it's also a smart bike. Possibly the smartest bike, app-controlled with Bluetooth sensors, real-time cycling data, in-app navigation, and they're planning a GPS Bike Finder as well as a track & train cyclo-coach function

Is it comfortable?

That's another thing: you can ride the bike two ways. Cycle it the sporty, bent over way or ride it as though you're just cycling through the park on a casual bike

So, say I want one. Maybe. Where do I get one?

On Kickstarter. Here you go. Try and restrain yourself though.

How much? 

€1199 (RM5320), though that's the Kickstarter price for the 12-speed. There's also 18-speed and manual versions, but of course they cost more.

Wait, where are you going?

To find the dude and convince him to make the next Tron film, obviously!