Customise your MacBook with Uncover

Pricey but unique way to make your laptop look special

The Apple MacBook has always kept its iconic design which is the white Apple logo at the back of the laptop. But sometimes even that seems boring, thus the market for customising your laptops.

Uncover offers its customers engraving services which are "tattoos for objects" integrated with backlighting systems for MacBooks which turns your white Apple logo into something much more interesting like a simple symbol, your own signature or something more intricate that involves full panel designs. Overall you can have your design as simple or complicated as you want but only one catch, you just need to pay more.

Uncover offers a few packages such as "The Uncover" package which  is for simple circular designs which will cost you US$443, "Complex Uncover" which is for more complex designs will set you back US$554  but may even cost more depending on compleity of the design and "Engraving" which are for those with a budget as it is very attractive but the Apple logo will still remain viewable and this would cost you US$110.

We can guess all we want on how the company does this but they are not revealing to us their technique on creating the custom light shows. All we know is that the laptop display is carefully removed before modifying the rear cover.

You will need to know that this will void your warranty with Apple but Uncover offers a six month warranty for your display screen so at least there is some protection.

[source : Digitaltrends]