Curved LG G Flex phone coming in November

LG set to launch a 6in phone with a curved OLED screen
LG G Flex

LG is reportedly planning to launch the G Flex, a smartphone with a curved display.

According to CNET, which has got its hands on the design sketch seen above, the G Flex is set for a November launch and will feature a 6in curved plastic OLED display.

LG has past form with bendy displays, having launched a 55in curved OLED TV in Singapore just recently. But rival Samsung is reportedly prepping a curved phone of its own, based on the Youm prototype shown off at CES.

Flexible friend

LG 5in flexible OLED display

Of course, curved phones are nothing new – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had a slight curve to its screen, but new plastic-based OLED panels like those shown off by LG earlier this year should make for more dramatic arcs.

Don't expect the G Flex to be a flexible friend, though – although LG has managed to make a floppy OLED screen, the G Flex will reportedly keep it locked into a rigid curve. Which means that stuffing it into your trouser pocket is likely to be a challenge.

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