Crystal is the creepiest email assistant you'll ever meet

The service will test your personality and of your email contacts

Ever been stumped about emailing someone, unsure of how the person would respond? Crystal, a paid service, will trawl the Web to learn more about you and about your subject.

This service knows too much

Ominously, the site's registration form has this line: "Your company website allows us to give you free unlimited access to your coworker's profiles." It's a teaser of how the site works - by using the Web, Twitter, Gmail to find out data about you and your contacts.

What's a bit scary is that it will create profiles based on those personality test metrics you see a lot online and then will advise you just how to approach them. It might tell you to keep emails brief, suggest you insert more jokes if emailing a certain joke-loving person and scare you by creating a rather accurate profile of how you communicate.

Email templates are also an add-on feature with the service and even comment on how you get along with people.

If you would like to give the service a spin, get in line for a free trial at the company's website.

[Source: TNW]