Crossword fun with your leaked Adobe passwords

Have some fun and learn a lesson in online security with some of the most commonly used passwords found in the recent leaks
Crossword fun with your leaked Adobe passwords

This ought to teach you a lesson in securing your online accounts properly. Last week, it was revealed that about 150 million user records from Adobe were compromised and delivered on a silver platter to cyber criminals.

Some cheeky guy decided to have some fun with the password data in those leaks. Called Adobe Password, the collection of 10 crossword puzzles use the 1000 most common passwords as the answers. The usual suspects in bad password practices are in there, everything from “0123456789” to “password”.

Before you start guffawing at the ridiculously simple passwords that people come up with, you better take a good look at your own and make sure it doesn't come up in the puzzles.  But if your super impervious 30-string password isn’t in the list, this is still one crossword puzzle that’s pretty fun to play with.  

[Source: The Verge]