Creative is suing Apple... again

This time, the Singapore company has dragged Samsung into the fight as well
Creative is suing Apple, again!

Back in 2006, Singapore's technology poster boy Creative sued Apple for infringing on its music interface patent. The whole suit was resolved with Apple paying Creative US$100 milllion, though not before the short drama of an Apple countersuit.

Apparently, they're not done.

The Creative Zen and iPod interfaces

8 years later, another infringement lawsuit is being filed by Creative against Apple, and this time, they're not the only players in the game. South korean giant Samsung has also been named in the suit, which makes things interesting, given the past legal actions between Samsung and Apple. Will they band together in the face of a common enemy? After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

The lawsuit in question isn’t exactly filed by Creative but by its wholly owned subsidiary ZiiLabs. So what seems to be the problem? According to ZiiLabs, Samsung and Apple have infringed upon 10 patents that centre around the 3D, processing, and graphic technology in their current devices, including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices.

And in case you’re wondering just what those 10 patents are, here’s the list.

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