Create a Riff between friends on Facebook

Born as a side project, the new Facebook app lets you create collaborative videos on the social network

Sure, you can tell a story by yourself on Facebook. But why stop there if there’s a way to become part of a bigger story? Meet Riff, Facebook’s latest video-making app.

This isn’t just an Instagram (which it owns) or Snapchat wannabe. The key to it is collaboration. Say, you want to be in on the action at this year’s Coachella. Perhaps, backstage access? You can probably record a simple video of yourself attempting to sneak in. Create the video, name it Coechella Adventures. And see others adding more zany clips to your video timeline once it goes live.

This isn’t Facebook’s first foray into video-making, what with its recent focus on sharing videos on the social network. Plus, it did launch an app called Slingshot a while back, somewhat of a clone of another popular app, Snapchat.

As a start, videos can only be shot within the Riff app. In short, you can’t shoot first, load the app and choose from the video gallery. Likewise, it doesn’t have most of the niftier features of other video posting apps like Instagram or Vine. No multi-shot recording. No editing features. Nada. Zilch.

Though, you get to scroll and skip through videos that might not be your cup of tea. Again, sounds awfully similar to Snapchat’s other feature, Stories. But hey, imitation is the best form of flattery.

The basis behind Riff is to make it as raw and spontaneous as possible. Hence, the lack of extra features. On the bright side, Facebook has no plans to monetise this video-sharing platform yet. After all, this was a side-project created after office hours, meant to be a fun tool for its users.

Facebook calls it “a creative tool to make videos with friends”. That works pretty well, but we also think it’s a fine way to either amuse or annoy the heck out of your friends. You can do it now, either on your iOS or Android device.