Cowarobot is the faithful luggage that follows you everywhere

Well, except the toilet, you've got to set some boundaries for this smart luggage

As if a luggage on wheels isn't enough for us lazy slobs, Cowarobot takes it a step further by making a smart luggage that follows you at CES Asia 2016.

It's not creepy at all to have a robotic luggage that tracks and follows you. Really, because the upside to this is you'll never have to pull or push your luggage anymore.

Rather than picking up your scent and following you like a faithful dog, the smart luggage stalks you via a tracking bracelet. But it doesn't just blindly follows you, it'll also detect obstacles and go around them.

The said wearable is also used to alert you if your luggage is 1.5m away from you, either because it's stuck in a ditch or someone ran off with it.

Fortunately, a lost luggage doesn't mean you won't be able to find it. Like all lost pets, it'll panic for a moment and roam around, hoping to reconnect with you, or in this case, the tracking bracelet. Alternatively, you can locate it via GPS, so you can still hunt down the thief who ran off with it.

A smart luggage, of course, links directly to your smartphone, reporting its status via an app. From whether the luggage is locked to unlocking the luggage and even accessing a secret door, it also charges your devices while you're on the move. And yes, it's Transport Security Administration (TSA) approved, so you don't have to worry about it being broken open by the TSA during your US trips.

The Cowarobot will be available from June and if you toss in a US$50 deposit now, you can get it at US$399. Missing this boat, you'll have to pay US$650 for this smart luggage.