This couple did the most epic Star Wars themed wedding shoot in Singapore

When two Star Wars fans tie the knot in a place that’s crazy over wedding photography, the results are evident

The warm sunset shining down on a secret lalang field, creating that breathtaking golden hue. If you’ve seen one wedding photo in Singapore, you’ve seen them all.

Or so we thought until we spotted the photo below. Oh, the trademark lalang field is still there. Except, the couple were wielding lightsabers and facing off against a Star Destroyer on the horizon.

The master behind this epic shoot? Singapore-based photographer Mezame Shashin-ka. In an interview with DIY Photography, the artist reveals that this isn’t the first themed shoot that was commissioned by a couple. Earlier works included a zombie apocalypse theme, and that triggered the couple to request for a Star Wars theme.

The whole setup was nothing short of epic - storyboard, costumes and even the lightsabers provided by custom lightsaber makers KitSabers were brought in for the shoot.

Additionally, with the creative use of existing Star Wars action figures and toys, a smoke machine to create the surreal setting plus post-processing work, the final product is one that seems right out of the Star Wars movies.

Check out more photography works from Mezame Shasin-ka. Our second favourite one after this Star Wars shoot would be his toy photography. Specifically, Master Chief’s Last Mission.

[Source: DIY Photography via Geek Culture]