Could Malaysia be included in second wave of Apple Watch in late June?

So far, the only hint Apple CEO Tim Cook gave is that Apple is ready for more countries

Rage. Disappointment. Whatever you were feeling when you didn’t see Malaysia listed in the first wave of Apple Watch, it could go away soon.

9to5Mac picked up an interesting nugget of information during Apple’s Q2 earnings call delivered by CEO Tim Cook. Touching on points such as learning customer preference, what with the Watch being a new product, Cook also made a quick comment about the Watch’s second production wave:

Now, this is a glimmer of hope, coming from the big guy who says that the company is almost ready to launch the Apple Watch in more countries. Except, there’s no indication which countries are in the second wave. So you’ll have to really, really, really cross your fingers and wish for Malaysia to be in the list.

Still, that’s not counting one important fact. Even for the initial nine countries that received the smartwatch on 22 April, the shipping date stretches till as far as June. Factor a late June date and you might not even see the Apple Watch in your region till August.

So if you’re still hankering for one right now, there are other means to get it. But those with patience, take heed - Apple’s first smartwatch will be available here. It’s just a matter of time.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

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