Couchlet stuffs a USB port just where you've always wished for one

No more tripping over your USB wires or having your phone slip from your grasp while watching TV

The problem with devices: they need charging. And they often need charging at inconvenient times, such as when you're watching television and at the same time expecting important calls. So someone is crowdfunding a USB hub that you can just pop into your couch for easy charging.

SImple, but so necessary

Of course you wonder why someone hasn't taught of this before. But no matter, the simple little port has two USB ports so you can charge both your phone and a friend's. Or maybe your phone and your tablet, you device junkie, you.

The only weakness of the device is though it comes with a 6 foot cable, you will still need to have a wall socket somewhere in the vicinity as it is just a fancy hub and not a power supply on its own.

If you want a Couchlet of your very own, it'll cost you just US$16 to fund the Indiegogo campaign. Shipping is not included, though so there's a likelihood shipping might cost more than the actual device. Cheapskates are advised to just find extra long USB cables and a USB hub and do your own fancy couch cabling.

[Source: Gizmodo]